Shijiazhuang Hwaneng Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and independently developed and produced pre-twisted hardware products in 1996. It is an advocate for the localization of pre-twisted hardware. It is a high-tech enterprise in Hebei Province and has passed the ISO9001 international quality system. Certification, occupational health and safety management system certification and environmental management system certification. Since its establishment, the company has taken the revitalization of the national brand as its own responsibility, and has been committed to the technological innovation and development of pre-twisted hardware, and at the same time, it has continued to improve and improve in engineering construction and services. At present, the company has a full set of international advanced automated production equipment and technology, and strictly follows IEC, IEEE and related national standards for product production and management. It has an annual production capacity of 1.8 million sets of pre-twisted hardware. The company's main products include: pre-twisted power fittings, pre-twisted optical cable fittings, OPPC fittings, and at the same time, it is the agent of P&R's line security products in China.

                    Started from the Changjiang Gezhouba ADSS optical cable communication project in 1996, the products have been successfully used in the power projects of all provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and regions across the country, especially in large-scale key national projects, such as the Three Gorges Project, West-East Power Transmission, Beijing-Shanghai Optical Cable It has been widely used in networking projects in various regions, has replaced imported brands, and has been exported to many countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. In December 1999, the ADSS/OPGW pre-twisted fiber optic cable fittings passed two appraisals organized by the State Power Corporation and the State Machinery Bureau, and obtained the national utility model patent. In 2002, it passed the authoritative test of the Canadian KINECTRICS INC. laboratory. In 2004, won the bid for the domestic 750kV Guanting-Lanzhou East transmission line demonstration project. In 2005, the OPPC fittings and special joint equipment independently developed and produced by the company were successfully installed and put into operation in my country's OPPC line Shenzhen Laohukeng Power Plant. In 2006, the pre-twisted power fittings were successfully applied to the 220kV Qianwan Power Plant with a cross-sectional area of 720mm2 and the Pingan double-circuit transmission line project. In 2007, won the bid for the State Grid 1000kV Jindongnan-Nanyang UHV AC test demonstration project. In 2007, won the bid for pre-twisted power fittings for 750kV Manas-Urumqi North Transmission Line Project. In 2009, won the bid for Xiangjiaba-Shanghai ±800kV UHV DC Demonstration Project (Heavy Ice Section). In 2010, it won the bid for the State Grid Corporation of Ningdong-Shandong ±660kV DC transmission demonstration project. In 2018, it won the bid for the Hainan-Xining III-circuit 750 kV line project. In 2019, it won the bid for Tibet Ali and Tibet-China Power Grid Interconnection Project, Xinjiang 750kV Tubaku and Kuaba Line Project, and Southern Power Grid Tiansheng Bridge ±800kV Chusui DC Project.

                    We always insist on providing users with reliable quality, reasonable price products and quick and thoughtful after-sales service; customer satisfaction is the source of business development. Today, our users have spread across the electric power, China Unicom, China Mobile, Netcom, railway, petroleum and other industries, and are trusted by users for their safe and reliable operating performance.

                    We firmly believe that having industry-leading beliefs and the pursuit of excellence is the foundation of our success. We will continue to focus on customer needs and continuously optimize our management model; improve our ability to adapt to the market; be brave to innovate; base ourselves on the domestic market, go international, and serve with integrity. Carefully create domestic famous brand products, always maintain the leading position in the pre-twisted hardware industry, and work with customers to promote the development of China's electric power industry and create brilliance.