Braces Before And AfterDo you want to get information on braces before and after? The reason why most people don’t want to have anything to do with braces is because they don’t have an idea how they would look like after wearing them. Many have an idea of how much braces cost but the lack of an idea of how they will look after the braces is put drives a lot of fear into them, discouraging them from being adventurous.

I will urge you not to be scared because it could well be the move that ushers you into that perfect looks and smiles that you have always wanted. To calm your nerves, the doctors won’t be putting the braces right away. He has to first evaluate your teeth if you are a perfect fit for the procedure.

First, the dentist takes an x-ray to ascertain the exact misalignment on your teeth. The result of the x-ray then guides him to recommend the exact type of dental appliances—this could either be metallic or ceramic. The choice is always influenced by the uniqueness of your personal condition.

The doctor leaves the decision on what to choose with you, and ask if you want to proceed with the procedure. You will however be given time; and depending on how severe the condition is, you could be given a couple of years to make up your mind.

The procedure could take an hour or two, but it is advisable to keep your mind at peace. The procedure is not always painful; but your level of tolerance is always taken into consideration. The procedure consists of the dentist opening your mouth wide with a lip separator, and gluing each bracelet to your teeth.

Braces Before And After2You will be expected to visit the dentist every 6-10 weeks for the braces to be adjusted. The wires need to be tightened or loosened as the teeth adjust to its proper position during the period. After the adjustment, you will be required to take some pain relievers to get some comfort from the pain. Your best bet during the period will be to take fruits, yogurt, soups and oatmeal.

Always remember to clean the residue of particles left behind on your teeth after every meal as this will prolong the lifespan. You should always visit your orthodontist every three months for professional cleaning.

At this stage, it is important to be patient and trust the judgment of your dentist to keep records. He or she is always in the best position to tell you when it is the right time to remove your brace.

To keep the teeth in the proper place, you will be expected to wear retainers. This part of the procedure is vital in order to get the best result.