braces colors

Dental problems are some of the most common health challenges faced over the course of a person’s lifetime. There are huge varieties of dental problems that could be faced including tooth decay, gum disease, crowded or crooked teeth, and a misaligned jaw. Dental braces are employed to correct incidences of a misaligned jaw or crowded (crooked) teeth.

But how do you pick the best braces colors? This is the question this article aims to answer.

Getting braces for correction of dental problems is usually not an easy decision to make but could be inevitable in certain cases. Once this decision is made and your choice is either a metallic or ceramic bracket then there is one more decision to make. Fortunately, this decision is a fun one nevertheless there are important steps to note when making this decision. The decision is about how to select your braces colors.

Where picking braces colors comes in

Dental braces usually have strong metal bands around back molars and serve as an anchor for the archwires running from tooth to tooth. Rubber bands are used to attach the upper and lower archwires to brackets in front of each tooth. These rubber bands come in a variety of colors.

The colors are so numerous that dentists offer the client a color wheel to pick from. Wearing a dental brace does not stop you from putting on the biggest color you can. How then do you select the right colors for you?

Consider Your Skin Tone Before Picking Braces Colors

One of the very first factors to consider when choosing braces colors is the tone of your skin. You want a color that will blend perfectly with your skin tone. This is important because regardless of the color of your clothes, the color of your eyes and skin does not change.

Darker skin tones are more complemented by bold jewel tones while cooler colors might be better for fairer skin tones. The color of your eye and hair is equally an important consideration.

Your Teeth

This is as important as it can ever get because you don’t want anything that will steal your smile from you. Some braces colors make your smile even more beautiful. Your teeth look whiter with darker brace colors. On the other hand, yellow and white shades of dental brace will make your teeth appear stained or dull. Brown and green shades will usually make your teeth appear as if there are food particles in between your teeth hence you may want to avoid it as much as possible.

You Can Pick Your Braces Colors Based On Your favorite color

Since life is about expressing yourself at every given opportunity, dental brace color offers you the opportunity of showing off your choice color. This way, you can be as confident as you can be intentionally smiling to radiate the beautiful color regardless of the state of your teeth.

Seasons Can Determine Your Braces Colors

Braces colors also offer you the opportunity to be playful and match each season. Summer is known for its neons, ocean, and sand color combinations. On the other hand, petal pink, mint green, and blue (robin’s egg) are a perfect color combination in spring. You can also choose braces colors that go with special events e.g. proms.

Game Day

If you are looking to show team spirit each time you smile during game day, then you should choose alternating team colors.

The points listed above would probably speak better to adolescents as adults will most likely not be looking to express themselves through dental braces. They would usually want something not very visible therefore adults should go for colors that match their brackets. For metallic brace, silver or grey will be perfect. Many adults would easily go for clear plastics because they are subtle. I would want this too except for the fact that they can be easily stained by drinks including tea, coffee, and red wine.

Braces care

It is normal to take extra care of your brace when you just get it just like we do every other thing that means something to us, however, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene. This case draws more attention because you don’t want food particles crammed around the brackets.

One reason is to avoid such annoying sights when you smile and more importantly is the fact that braces offer more places for bacteria to hide. Therefore, it is important to brush and floss adequately. Usually, your orthodontist will show you the technique to adequately brush and floss your teeth with braces on. Special devices such as floss threaders and Waterpik make maintaining clean teeth easier even with braces on.