In the next few minutes I will offer you some easy steps on how to get rid of sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth as you know can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Whenever your teeth come in contact with very hot or cold food, the pain becomes intense.

How Does Sensitive Teeth Occur?

Sensitivity creeps in when the protective sheath such as the enamel is damaged as a result of rigorous brushing and rough handling.

Damage to the enamel leads to teeth sensitivity probably because the nerve endings get irritated. At first, it is important to try some home remedies to get rid of sensitive teeth; but if things don’t improve, some further options could be explored.

How to get rid of sensitive teeth

Extensive Oral Cleanup

You want to start by doing some extensive oral cleanup by constantly brushing and flossing. Dentists recommend that your teeth should be brushed two or more times daily in order to maintain a high level of hygiene and keep germs away. You should also watch out for the white stuff that gathers between your teeth and gums, which is known as plaque—make sure you get it removed as it is capable of producing acids that can hurt your teeth and also lead to sensitivity.

Brush Appropriately

Teeth sensitivity can be very painful, but you can get rid of the pain by brushing your teeth the right way. Set your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle in the direction of your teeth when brushing anytime of the day. You should also brush gently in order not to aggravate the pain or cause damage to your gum. Experience has revealed that about 96% of plaque can be eradicated when you brush your teeth the right way.

Brush your Teeth with Desensitising Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth with desensitising toothpaste is another sure way on how to get rid of sensitive teeth. You can talk to your dentist or visit a local store to find out which of the brands in the market fits perfectly into what you want.

Avoid some unhealthy lifestyle

This can be made possible when you avoid certain foods and drinks that can harm your teeth and gum. Avoid eating candies and sugary foods that can cause further damage.